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Laurel Hill’s Nubian Dairy herd is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and most goats are sold ADGA registered. Our herd is a closed herd. We are CAE and G6S tested negative.  We have both American Nubians and PN lines. My focus is on dairy ability and this herd has amazing milk quality AND quantity! It is best to contact Amy early about goat availability so she can get you on the waitlist for what you are looking for. Each year we sell approximately 20 goats- doelings, bucklings, and wethered bucklings as well as one or two milk does.  Again, deposits are strongly suggested especially if you are wanting a doe in milk or spotted kids.

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Raw Goat Milk product

Laurel Hill Farm specializes in naturally-raised Nubian goats and raw milk. Raw milk and raw milk products are sold according to North Carolina law for animal consumption only, NOT for human consumption. Our small dairy goat herd is hand-milked twice daily and fed only organic feed and grains- no animal by-product feed, hormones, or antibiotics used. As each goat is hand milked, each milk jar is immediately put in an ice water bath and kept cold until filtered and bottled. Milk, chèvre, and kefir are available seasonally. The season is approximately from March to August.

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Free-range Eggs

Our humanely raised, pastured hens forage freely around the entire farm area. Access to fresh air, sunshine and all the grass, bugs and worms the hens can eat results in nutritionally-enriched eggs with a difference you can taste. 

We also have a working group in what we call the “Chicken Temple” area that is our composters, helping us to turn our farm food and garden scraps into the beautiful soil that we want and need. This is where our specialty eggs come from that are from chickens which are supplementally fed with only soy-free, organic whole grains.

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Kindness Flowers

Information coming soon!

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Welcome to Gaia Gals Retreat held at the extraordinary Laurel Hill Farm & Preserve where we will be celebrating self-care and connection - connecting to our true authentic selves, connecting to one another and finding a deeper connection to our Mother Earth.