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  • Find the shortest, simplest way between earth, the hands and the mouth.
    — Lanza Del Vasto
  • The woods were made for the hunters of dreams. The brooks for the fisher of song. To the hunters who hunt for the finless game. The streams and the woods belong.
    — Sam Walter Foss

Nature Preserve





On a Mission to preserve

We consider ourselves the current stewards of the amazing nature preserve, Laurel Hill. This 240-acre jewel is nestled in the North Carolina piedmont 20 miles north and west of Charlotte. It is home to several microclimates and therefore offers a surprising variety of flora, fauna, and fungi. Laurel Hill is home to many hundreds of the rare Big Leaf Magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla). These trees occur in only a few places in North Carolina and 95% of all the wild-growing Big Leaf Magnolias in the state are found in Gaston County.

Our mission is to promote the conservation and enjoyment of Laurel Hill’s native plants and their habitats through preservation and education.



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